Rental Counseling

Renting is a reality for many. Learn how you can be a better tenant.

There are important steps you can take to build your credit and become a really good tenant while renting. Developing a personalized spending plan, learning to save money, making adjustments to increase your income and reducing debt—these are all steps that will position you to make better decisions while you rent and prepare yourself to purchase and build equity someday.

Our agency is a HUD-certified counseling agency. We offer Rental Counseling, to help you be better informed as renters. In our counseling course you will learn many valuable principles, that when implemented, will strengthen your financial position.

What will I learn when I take this course?

  • Improving credit scores
  • Lowering debt
  • How much rent you can truly afford
  • Landlord requirement
  • Tenant rights
  • Affordable housing options

Improve your Rental Experience

Take the important steps to prepare for your future.

Our HUD-Certified Counselors offer counseling to help you be better informed as renters. Strengthen your financial position by downloading the guide and taking the course.