We solve barriers to housing attainability.

Working with our financial partners, we can increase our momentum to meet the needs.

For over 25 years, we’ve accomplished many great things in the communities where we have worked. The strategic partnerships with financial institutions and community partners have joined together and helped to provide solutions to many housing challenges.

Breaking down barriers of housing accessibility.

We enjoy breaking down the barriers of housing attainability and housing accessibility. We counseled over 1,300 families in 2020 and are even more families in the future. Over 90% of them STAY in their homes. 

We’ve created 152 units and with the help of our financial and community partners, we have added an additional 195 units.

Number of families counseled in 2020

Some of our Successes


Families that stayed in their homes after counseling with them

Number of Units Created

Rural housing to support rural economies.

We are at the forefront of rural housing options in rural Utah communities. Our work in counties and communities are creating housing that keeps the workforce of teachers, public safety workers, tourism, and service industry workers in their communities, creating equity in their homes, and contributing to local economic growth.

We help support our communities..

  1. Supporting housing for the workforce.
  2. Economic development from our projects supports local jobs.
  3. Our counseling programs promote self-sufficiency.
  4. Projects help to support community stability.



We'd love to work with your organization, too. 

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