Franklin Commons

The Challenge

There were many skeptics that didn’t think people would want to buy a home at this location. That was not what happened. We had the home sold to first-time homebuyers before we had them finished. We sold them to wonderful families that thought becoming a homeowner was completely out of their reach. Some of those families, 16 years later, are still living in their homes.

The Result

This neighborhood provides significant stability. Many of the original owners remain in the homes. Creating beauty from blight brought significant increases in area stability and reduced crime for the area. Property values also increased.


17 Units

The financing package includes Home Funds, CDBG Funds, and Bank Financing

Requested by the Franklin Neighborhood Residents

The properties were blighted and the residents believed that this project would breathe new life into their neighborhood, reduce crime and increase property values.

It has done exactly what the neighbors were hoping for.