Place on 9th

The Challenge

The challenge was buying a property that had two homes already on the property and designing the project so that it was livable, aesthetically pleasing, and still make it pencil.

This project is located in an area that had become predominantly rental units and building a homeownership project was exciting to the neighborhood.  We have tremendous support.

The Result

Provo City stepped up to the plate and provided much-needed funds to make the project work.  Neighbors also participated in the design and planning of the project and we committed to selling to first-time homebuyers.

This project has been a HUGE success.  We sold the homes to wonderful people that have really made it a showpiece.  They take care of their properties and it has really added to the neighborhood.  Most of the original homeowners still live there after 10+ years.


5 Units

The financing package includes HOME Funds, CDBG Funds, and Bank Financing