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Here is a great letter we received from someone we helped get into a property. Just wanted to share it:

May 1, 2013

I cannot express enough gratitude for all you have done to help assist us in our search for a home. My husband & I are so thankful for your program and all that you have been able to do for us. I cannot believe the caliber of home we are in, it is simply gorgeous and have been blown away by the way it has been built, maintained and overall appearance of it, coming from an apartment with three small children we needed a place to grow and have a neighborhood where our kids could play and feel safe. We are hoping to be long term tenants at this property. We just fell in love with it!

I truly believe because of this program and the way you are able to help low income families and people who are in need of a fresh start and to have a chance to provide a safe environment for our children. I truly never thought that we could be living in something so nice on our income. This program is something we will not take for granted. We are ready to strengthen our credit, start a budget that will allow us to save some money for our future.

I appreciate the attention that was given to us during our application process. It was so nice to know that it was such a positive experience and we had all our questions answered quickly. I look forward to doing the counseling classes and believe that it will help have some financial freedom. The staff are wonderful to work with and so helpful. What a great staff NeighborWorks Provo has!!

Again, thank you for your help in assisting us! We are so happy to be tenants for NeighborWorks.

Many Thanks!

Mr. and Mrs. M.

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