Over 1200 Families served through our Counseling services.

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NeighborWorks America supports NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions by awarding flexible dollars that can be used for general operating as well as our counseling and affordable housing projects. Grants for operating funds are very hard to come by, but their impact is essential. During 2017, our office in Provo combined with our office in St. George provided various types of counseling for over 1200 families in Utah.

Just look at the impact our work has had supported by NeighborWorks America has had in the State of Utah:

NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions – Provo, Utah and Sun Country Home Solutions – St. George, Utah

Total Investment in the State—$106,815,975

Total Counseling and Education Customers—1,617

Homeowners Created—42

Homeowners Preserved—466

Rental Homes Constructed—59

Jobs Created—123

We currently have 88 rental units that house families of varying sizes and situations. Our units serve those of various incomes. We do all we can to help our families become homeowners. We are pleased to say that over 65% of our families move out because they were able to buy a home. Nearly all of the remaining turnover has come from relocation due to better jobs outside of the area. We are proud to be one of the premier affordable housing and counseling organizations in the State of Utah. We serve communities from Lehi to St. George and understand that having a home creates healthier and more stable neighborhoods and communities. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to provide quality counseling and affordable housing to the residents of the State of Utah.

Take a class and be smarter about your home purchase.

This is the perfect time to take a class to learn all the aspects of purchasing a home. There are several things that need attention before applying for that mortgage loan and starting the home search with a real estate agent. Our class covers all those things and more. Families that take a home buyers education class before buying a home fine the process less stressful and are more likely to be successful homeowners.


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