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Affordable housing is a subject that is spoken of frequently by businesses, government and residents along the Wasatch Front. NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions, as a HUD certified counseling organization, offers counseling services to help those that may be interested in purchasing a home, refinancing the home they have or just learning how to manage their family finances better as it relates to the local economy.

During the past year they have counseled 1,205 families regarding housing options, home financing options, budgeting and family financial management. They have helped families experiencing trouble making their mortgage payment receive loan modifications when money gets tight. They have educated over 100 families regarding what it is to be a good renter and how to prepare for homeownership. They also have helped hundreds of seniors explore ways to decrease their monthly expenses and be able to enjoy their senior years more comfortably.

They offer 1) Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, 2) Homebuyer’s Education Counseling and Workshops, 3) Reverse Mortgage Counseling, and 4) Financial Literacy Counseling.

Homebuyer education can help borrowers improve their credit score and understand the steps related to buying a home. Their goal is to help families become homeowners while ensuring they don’t get in over their heads which can stress the family budget. It also gives homebuyers the tools they need to bounce back should something go wrong after the purchase is made.

With the vacancy rate in Utah and Salt Lake County at less than 2% and home prices skyrocketing, NeighborWorks Mountain County Home plans to continue working with local businesses, city and county governments and other non-profits to provide more affordable housing options for the residents of Utah County.

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