Counseling Services

NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions offers a wide range of counseling services. Whether you’re purchasing a home, need foreclosure intervention, default counseling or a mortgage modification, we are HUD approved and will do our very best to provide you with the tools you need to navigate through your particular need.

First Time Homebuyers:

A well-informed home purchase can bring increased security for you and your family, but with it comes financial challenges and new responsibilities. NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions has a home buyer education course that will teach you how to manage your finances, understand the home buying process and show you how to maintain your home once you’ve purchased it.

Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Modification

If you are having difficulty making your house payment, DON’T WAIT!
Are you faced with the possibility of foreclosure? If you find yourself in the same spot as many in our nation, in danger of losing your home, NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions can help you to preserve homeownership in the face of rising foreclosure rates. We help individuals facing foreclosure, work with their servicers using sustainable foreclosure intervention programs in an effort to modify mortgages so people can remain in their homes. We provide this service at no charge to you.

What is a Mortgage loan Modification?

A Mortgage Loan Modification is a permanent change in one or more of the terms of your mortgage loan, allows the loan to be reinstated, and results in a payment you can afford. Unfortunately, homeowner’s that attempt to deal directly with their mortgage bank are often declined. Our Loan Modification Team has helped many homeowners successfully achieve a permanent modification and save their homes. We know how to get your loan modified. Let us help you, again, at no charge.

Counseling Fee Schedule

Home Buyer Education: $45.00/household
Foreclosure Counseling: Free
Budget/Finance Counseling: Free for the first visit. $35.00/visit thereafter
Reverse Mortgage Counseling: $35.00 Document Fee, $99.00 Counseling Fee

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