If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the bills you have to pay each month, taking that first step may be the hardest. It is difficult and can even be embarrassing to ask for help. We understand exactly how you feel because we have help thousands of people just like you turn their finances around. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and our counselors are ready to help you take control and create a more promising financial future.

Budget and finance counseling is an opportunity to meet with a certified counselor who can help you identify ways to improve your financial situation. During a counseling session, you and your counselor will go over your current budget, including all the money coming in each month plus all the bills you are obligated to pay. Together, you will develop a plan to move forward paying off bills and actually having a savings for those unexpected or larger item you may wish to purchase.

Your counseling session is completely confidential and we do not report the information to any creditors or the credit bureaus.

Your first visit is only $35.00. Let us help you get back on your feet and moving toward a bright financial future.


Reputable Advice on Money and Debt

HUD-Certified Counselors trained to advise you on improving your individual finacial situation.

Rental Counseling to help you be better informed.

HUD-Certified Counselors trained to help you make better decisions when renting.

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