We kicked off our annual Paint Your Heart Out! makeover event this year in the historic Maeser neighborhood of Provo, Utah, settled in 1849 when Fort Utah was built near the Provo River.

For 19 years we’ve been coordinating this amazing community service event. The City of Provo targets a neighborhood each year which is starting to show decay. Then we work directly with the homeowners in the target neighborhood. Each year we volunteer our non-profit organization to do the planning, coordination of permits, publicity, ordering painting supplies, and exterior paint purchasing based on the homeowners’ preferred colors.

The generously donated funds from American Express, and NuSkin International provided the materials for the Paint Your Heart Out! event this year. Bonneville Bank sent their employee volunteers. Maeser neighborhood residents Brittany Peterson and Melanie Densley did a wonderful job helping to organize the event! Over a hundred volunteers gave their time in direct service to their own neighbors, cleaning, painting and beautifying several older homes.

We all feel such a sense of pride in the beautiful “before and after” results in our community. Over the course of the two-Saturday event we always notice hundreds of people drive by. They appear to be delighted to see such an amazing sight – neighbors really out there helping neighbors!.

The Maeser neighborhood sparkles now with renewed vitality. The community at large feels the difference! We think this is how America is supposed to work – neighbors helping neighbors beautify their city “one house at a time, one neighborhood at a time!”

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